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Gauge 1 Single Side Waiting Shelter and Platform Commission 2018

Gauge 1 Platforms, Waiting Shelter and Signage commission 2018

16mm Lynton Goods Shed Commission 2018

Australian Commission 2018

Nigel Town’s Open Day May 2018

Westfield Open Day April 2018

Peterborough Garden Railway Show 2018

Warwickshire Garden Railway Exhibition 2018

G Scale Taj Mahal Inspired Garden Railway August 2017

Westfield Open Day November 2017

Peterborough Exhibition 2016

Derby Roundhouse Exhibition 2016

Westfield Additional Improvements 2016

Westfield Open Day August 2016

Andrew Mitchell Low Relief Warehouse 2016

Andrew Mountfield Warehouse for France 2016

Michael McDonald Temple & House for Gurkha Railway 2016

Westfield construction of viaduct & low relief buildings 2015

Port Erin Commission 2015-16